Weave Your Wholeness

I am Urana Heart, Weaver of the Golden Thread. Ready to Weave Your Wholeness? I am honored to guide you along your journey.


I am Urana Heart, Weaver of The Golden Thread. Come, let’s weave your wholeness together…

About Me

I was born in Mongolia. It is the country of horsemen, warriors, conquers, and nomads who travel camelback, and shamans who communicate with worlds and dimensions beyond the ordinary reality. As a young person, I loved climbing barefoot on the rocky hills, gathering wild berries, conversing with small birds, and singing aloud in the open air in summer. Today, I walk in two worlds—as both an economist and a shamanic healer. My offerings combine an alchemy of practices that help clients remember who they are, heal themselves, and succeed in their endeavors.

"I came to Urana to gain an awareness of Human Design, from the initial session I was given a understanding of who I am and why I am, based on human design. From those sessions. I expanded the sessions into Energy healing which I highly recommend. Urana is a caring and interactive healer that empowers the client to have the tools to grow into their light."

– Christy

"Urana is a gifted healer who brings love, passion and burning desire to help in her healing sessions. She is an angel which was sent to this world to make it brighter and lighter, and walk people though the journey of finding the unlimited source of joy and love where we all belong to!"

– Anatoly

"Working with Urana has been one of the best experiences I had in my life and as a seasoned searcher I have tried so much! Urana has a true gift, it's uncanny and I promise you will experience it as soon as you enter her sanctuary. The connection she establishes is so powerful! I feel healing in every single session, as well as, such deep insight into myself, my journey and answers to my questions. I absolutely love our journeying and sound healing. I do not have the words to express how special the healing is but it is so soulful and something that I would want every single person to experience in their life! Being in Urana's presence simply touches my heart, I feel overwhelming peace and love when we are together. I am eternally grateful to the Universe for linking us up and letting me experience the gift of my true friend, teacher and healer—beautiful Miss Urana Heart"

– Mariya

"This has been the best healing approach I have done. Urana approaches the healing from all angles. She invests in knowing her client and tailoring her healing to her client's strengths and needs. She is an incredible listener and her ability to adapt her healing to the issues at hand is tremendous. I loved learning from her and going away with tangible follow ups. Thank you for sharing your love Urana xoxo."

– Nisreen

I found my Human Design reading with Urana to be a liberating and freeing experience. I learned to recognize the things, events, people that worked naturally and fluidly with my human design and to let go of the things that caused friction. I also felt peace and acceptance for things in my human design that might not otherwise be accepted by societal norms and standards. Urana does an incredibly thorough job walking your through the many, many nuanced calibrations of your human design. I highly recommend this reading to anyone who is looking for a deeper understanding of who they are and how they function in this world.


Working with Urana has been a soulful experience. Urana is professional and kind and very intuitive. I have had multiple sessions with her and it’s been an amazing experience. I am blessed to have been able to work with her.


Urana has a special gift. Her passion and interest shines through, the result is a human design reading that is really eye opening and powerful.


Urana was instrumental in opening my heart chakra. Having several hours of in person sound bowl and healing sessions was a great investment in my health. She is the real deal and joy to meet. I'll be sure to reach out again in the future.

David Young, MPH

This was such an incredibly special session. Urana has a gift for interpreting and communicating in a way that is meaningful, interesting and actionable. I really appreciated her insight and the thoughtfulness that went into our time together. This is a unique experience that I've gifted to loved ones close to me.


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Nov 22 2020

Only love remains

This song in Mongolian came to me during a sacred circle with friends. As I played one of my alchemy bowls to hold space for others, the Mother Earth and Elementals started singing to us through my voice, teaching the wisdom of nature to let go the old and rest in love until a renewal arrives. May this song help you renew your trust in love.
Nov 01 2020

Holding the opposites

I walk two worlds. Economist & Healer. Poet & CPA. Mongolian & American. Leo & Virgo. Warrior & Lover. Stubborn mind & Tender heart. Social butterfly & Lonesome hermit. I thought I had to be a single coherent being. I could not. Everyone told me to focus. I was confused and doubtful. Then I met a dead tree. New leaves were growing on it. Sky was clear and raining at once. The gift was a rainbow…
Oct 14 2020

Do you believe in me?

It was a full white moon in Scorpio. I stood in a farm, surrounded by trees. My heart was heavy with doubts and fears. I did not believe in myself. I needed others to affirm that I was worthy. I could not take the next step to share my gifts with the world. All the callings from the moon and trees were not enough. Spirits of my ancestors started speaking to me and gifted me with this song.
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