I am the Weaver of the Golden Thread. Come, weave your wholeness with me…

My name is Uranbileg Batjargal — Weaver of the Golden Thread

I was born in Mongolia. It is the country of horsemen, warriors, conquerors, nomads who travel camelback, shamans who communicate with worlds and dimensions beyond the ordinary reality. As a young person, I loved climbing barefoot on the rocky hills, gathering wild berries, conversing with small birds, and singing out load in the open air in the summer.

I often felt like a misfit. Perhaps it has something to do with my getting switched at birth. Hospital made a mistake and gave me to another family. My biological parents found me 3 weeks later and brought me back. According to my mother, I was a difficult child, unlike my older brother. Chewed on her nipples; “Off to the bottle filled with cow milk.” Got pneumonia at 3 months; ”Can’t believe I have to be hospitalized for the first time in my 30 years!“ Cried and moved a lot; “Why can’t you play nicely inside a carton box like your brother?”

My father thought I had a beautiful voice. He asked me to sing at family gatherings. When I lost his affection to a bottle filled with vodka, I lost connection to my own voice.

All my teenage years I longed for a freedom. I wanted to break free. I left Mongolia when I was 19 to study in Japan where I became immersed in the contemplative arts. I graduated from Tokyo University, with Master’s Degree in Economics and I moved to the United States to pursue a career at the World Bank. Along the way, I was married — and divorced. Broken hearted, I returned to my connection to the world beyond the ordinary reality, through meditation and other contemplative energy practices.

I discovered my true calling in 2014 in Colorado, United States, at a vision quest program organized by School of Lost Borders, an organization that empowers individuals to claim their place within society and the natural world responsibly and respectfully. I arrived as an orphan child who had been separated at birth, as a Mongolian living in America, as a woman who lost her husband, with questions about where I belonged. I emerged from this profound experience with an understanding that I could belong everywhere if I shift the way I saw myself in the world. The land gave me a new name: “Weaver of The Golden Thread.” My journey to wholeness involved weaving together my soul into my body, my feminine and masculine parts, the lives I’ve lived and forgotten, and the ancestors I’ve denied and run away from.

Today, I walk in two worlds. As an economist, a business systems officer, and a CPA, I make a living by managing budgets and performance reporting and applying data governance strategy and principles. I am a certified meditation teacher, Reiki master, shamanic practitioner, sound healer, and a nature-based guide. And, I am a poet.

What is your story? What are your sacred wounds? What are your gifts? Where are you on your path? No matter what the answer is, I hear the calling of your Heart. I see the beauty of your Soul. I feel the power of your Wholeness. Connect with me now to discover how I can support you to Weave Your Wholeness.

Alchemist & Soul Guide

I grew up in Mongolia, under the regime of Communism. Despite the social and economic conditioning, I always felt a connection to Nature and felt held by love of something beyond physical reality. Wild beings were my best friends; birds thought me songs; dreams gave me answers that classrooms couldn’t teach. But when my belly was hungry, I could not hear the whisper of the stars. When my body shivered in the cold winters of -40 Celsius, I could not invoke the fire in my heart. I pursued what was considered as a path to success: good education, hard-work, stable job, caring husband, and network of successful friends.

In my early-thirties, my marriage fell apart, and I lost all my friends. All I had left was my successful career at the World Bank. I knew that there was a deeper meaning to my life and gifts yet to be discovered to share with the world. I returned to my connection to nature and spiritual practices including meditation practices, yoga, and kirtan. I am initiated to and trained in Akashic Records, Crystal Healing, Family Constellations, Reiki, Shamanic Practices, Sound Healing, and plant medicines. I completed 4 Vision Quests including a training for guides. I work with essential oils, sacred chants, healing songs, and embodied practices (5 Rhythms dancing, qi-gong, walking meditation.)

In the early days of my apprenticeships, many told me that I need to focus on one thing. But my wise-self insisted on learning more modalities. When the land gave me a new name – “Weaver of The Golden Thread”, I understood why I’ve been “all over the place.”

Now I see myself as an Alchemist and a Weaver, integrating my various trainings and experiences to Weave a personalized Wholeness plan for You. If you are called, please Connect with me.

Shamanic Practitioner & Reiki Master

Ancestors visited my dreams asking me to wake up. They would gallop on horses, beat drums to my heart, fly a flag and point to some distant point. I resisted with all my might. “I am an educated professional,” I said. “I have a job, responsibilities, an urban life. A dream of a better future where I live in a decent size house with a real family.” But the ancestors are quite stubborn. They insisted that my main responsibility is to carry forward the medicine of the lineage. When I didn’t listen, my body suffered. Constant fatigue, frequent cold sores, runny noses. Finally, mysterious red rashes all over my body. After numerous visits to specialists, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Physically, autoimmune disease indicates that my immune system attacks its own healthy cells mistaking them for harmful aliens. Energetically, it reflects an inner conflict, a war, with my own body. I am not qualified to explain what the medical cause is. But my intuition tells me that it is caused by an incongruence within me. I searched deep inside. I realized that I was living a dual life.

Externally, I was an accomplished economist and an accountant, who measures most things by numbers, currencies, and economic values. Internally, I was a shaman who traveled between dimensions, where a concept of time and place does not exist. The only currency in the other reality is abundant love or the lack of it. I surrendered to my ancestral calling. I was initiated to shaman’s path, paved by my lineage long before I was born. At first, I received healing from other shamans. Then I started apprenticing with experienced shamanic practitioners. I eventually connected with my own helping spirits. In shamanism, helping spirits are animal allies that accompany a shaman to non-ordinary reality and provide protection and teachings. My helping spirits appeared in various shapes and colors. On a computer screen. In a TV show. During walk in the woods. While I slept. On postcards. On strangers’ shirts, dresses, purses. They gave me feathers, bones, furs, and droppings. My little apartment filled with their gifts. One brought me songs. The other a courage to speak the truth. Another a protection. Yet another a vision. Then I was initiated to healing energy of Reiki, and completed by Reiki Master training in January 2020.

Now, I am at peace with my dual existence. The analyzing, calculating, decision-making CPA is an honorable part of me. So is the dreaming shaman who sees magic in everything. They all belong.

If you are facing internal conflicts, indecisiveness, and regrets; if you are struggling to find inner peace, coherency, and power, I understand your challenges. I’ve been there. Connect with me now to Weave Your Wholeness.

Sound Healer & Vocalist

When I felt alone in the world, solace was always brought by singing. It’s been so since I was a child. I used to run the wild fields of Mongolia, singing to the trees, berries, and birds.

There was a long period I disliked my own voice. I had a strange resistance to voicemail recordings of myself, and I often chose to leave the default recordings as answers to calls from the world.

One day, voice inside me woke up and asked me rise again. “Share your voice, no matter how raw and tender it feels”. Once I said “Yes” to this calling, support started showing up in the most generous and unexpected ways. Crystal bowls, drums, fellow seedlings to sing along with, and warriors and wizards to offer rhythms to my wildness, ancestors who gift me with new tones.

Now I offer sound healings in group and private settings using a variety of consecrated instruments and my own voice. Check-out the “Creations” section of the website for my albums and connect with me to book a session. Read my “Transmissions”, to learn how songs helped me to weave my wholeness.

There is a Song in Your Heart, waiting to be born. I hear its tunes and feel its vibrations. Do you? Connect with me now to awaken your inner songs.

Meditation Teacher

Following my personal meditation practice over 15 years, I completed the two-year mindfulness meditation teacher training program with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in 2018. I currently offer weekly meditation classes at the Center for Living Mindfully. In my meditation classes, I incorporate sound healing with alchemy crystal bowls and a variety of consecrated instruments, including medicine drums and rattles, bells, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks and more.

Meditation was not easy for me. It is still not easy. But it is a gift to myself, opportunity to go within and tap into my inner wisdom. If you are struggling with lack of focus, clarity, and calmness, I understand. Please trust me when I say that even the busiest mind can relax and surrender to peace. Connect with me now to find out how.


When I was a teenager, I wrote poems about unrequited love. I read out loud poems of renowned Mongolian poets in public settings and contests. My younger brother reminded me the other day that I once wrote a poem about a teacher on his behalf that he submitted as a homework; the teacher was moved and asked him to read t in front of the class and my brother was so embarrassed by the passionate words that were not his, but mine.

When I moved to Japan, my writing stopped. I first attributed it to learning a new language and losing my native Mongolian. Then I forgot about that I was ever a poet. Instead, I hoped that someone would write me a poem one day. I wanted to be a muse, not a poet.

I started writing again in my mid-thirties, after a disillusioned love. The first poem I wrote— “Encounter with The Snake”, is the opening poem of my book “Golden Threads”. Ironically, the first person I shared this poem with was the muse, and his reaction was “Wow, this is so good,” followed by “Are you sure You wrote this?” At the time, I was writing from a hurt place. Poetry was my way to heal myself to wholeness.

I wrote my first book —a handbound love letters, at my second Vision Quest in Colorado. It was collection of poems written in a single day for the people in the sacred circle. I was writing from a healing place. Poetry had become a way to express my love.

Now I write the truth of my heart, in whatever state it is in. Some days words of wisdom, some days weight of grief, other days opening of new possibilities. My poetry is filled with rebellion against the ordinary, longing for freedom and love and returning to roots. I invite readers to investigate what in our lives is ready to die; how we can make a companion of patience as we witness the old gradually giving way to the new; and ways we may embrace rebirth with the love and strength that all newborns need and deserve to receive.

Check-out my Author’s website and purchase a copy of “Golden Threads”.

Photo credit: Image by Andrew Ratliff.

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