Holding the opposites

I walk two worlds. Economist & Healer. Poet & CPA. Mongolian & American. Leo & Virgo. Warrior & Lover. Stubborn mind & Tender heart. Social butterfly & Lonesome hermit.

I thought I had to be a single coherent being. I could not. Everyone told me to focus. I was confused and doubtful.

Then I met a dead tree. New leaves were growing on it. Sky was clear and raining at once. The gift was a rainbow.

I walk this land with reverence

New leaves on a half-dead tree
Sky sheds tears of joy and grief
Sun shines through the clouds
Birds sing, then silent

Holding the opposites
Dark and light
Let them dance together
Holding the opposites
Sacred and profane.


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Nov 22 2020

Only love remains

This song in Mongolian came to me during a sacred circle with friends. As I played one of my alchemy bowls to hold space for others, the Mother Earth and Elementals started singing to us through my voice, teaching the wisdom of nature to let go the old and rest in love until a renewal arrives. May this song help you renew your trust in love.
Oct 14 2020

Do you believe in me?

It was a full white moon in Scorpio. I stood in a farm, surrounded by trees. My heart was heavy with doubts and fears. I did not believe in myself. I needed others to affirm that I was worthy. I could not take the next step to share my gifts with the world. All the callings from the moon and trees were not enough. Spirits of my ancestors started speaking to me and gifted me with this song.
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