Weave Your Wholeness

What is your story?
What are your sacred wounds?
What are your gifts?
Where are you on your path?
No matter what the answer is, I hear the calling of your Heart.
I see the beauty of your Soul. I feel the power of your Wholeness.
Connect with me now to discover how I can support you to Weave Your Wholeness.

"Weave Your Wholeness" Sessions

Being human is a special gift. Consciousness with immeasurable power integrated with a physical body with genetic lineage. Part of a whole but also a unique expression. Our whole self is so much more than we can identify with at any given moment. In our essence, we are already whole. But our consciousness and genetic materials have gone through different experiences that may have created division, fragmentation, wounding, and imprint at mental, physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Sometimes through our own personal experiences, or through our spiritual and physical ancestry, or through experience of the collective.

Center of this universe is
In my own heart
Divided by dark caves
Flooded by roaring rivers.

Empowerment, whether personal or collective, comes through reclaiming ourselves back to wholeness. In my “Weave Your Wholeness”, I will utilize skills and gifts I have remembered, learned, and integrated to partner with you honoring all parts of you on your journey to wholeness.

A La Carte Services

Ready to start weaving?

When you are called to weave with me, please reach out for a free discovery call. This is an opportunity for us to get acquainted and explore working together. A discovery call is required for in-person sessions and virtual sessions are directly available for booking if you are ready now. I’m excited to connect with you!

– Urana

Sound Healing Journeys

Sound healing is a beautiful and powerful way to honor your body and mind by receiving vibrational healing of sacred instruments and ancient chants. In a private session, you will receive powerful healing sounds of alchemy crystal bowls and a variety of consecrated instruments, many of which are hand made by me with pure intentions. I transmit Sanskrit, Mongolian, Japanese, and Amazonian chants and the Light Language. Elementals (fire, water, earth, wind) and animal and plant spirits often aid the healing.

Shamanic Healing & Counseling

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing and spirituality on Earth. I am a Mongolian, where shamanism has a long lineage and remains the main energy healing modality. Shamanic practitioners ‘journey’ to other dimensions to receive information, retrieve energy and clear obstacles on behalf of a client. During a shamanic healing session, I journey using rattles or drums in a safely held container to connect us with spirit guides. Using shamanic methods, you will re-gain your personal power and re-discover your gifts; heal trauma from past life events; and connect with spiritual guidance of your own spirit allies and ancestors.

Human Design Readings

Human Design is a complex but powerful system that combines ancient wisdoms of I-Ching, chakras, Tree of life, and Astrology and helped me enormously to understand myself fully and connect with my own wisdom within. The freedom that Human Design offers us is to learn our INNER sources for success and to follow what we ‘hear’ within. Once we start living true to who we are designed to be, life becomes much easier. Know and Own who YOU are. My unique style of reading, with my skills and experiences as a coach and energy healer, offers not only the information that you may find elsewhere but also practical tools, rituals, and exercises that will empower your unique design.

Archetypal Castings & Divinations

Influences of archetypal forces in our lives are well-observed and acknowledged. We all speak archetypal language when we use words such as “inner child”, “wise-self”, and “inner critic”. In archetypal casting, I use divination to identify main archetypes who were present in your life since your birth, and help you discover their dynamics, gifts, and shadows. With this new understanding, inner council and mirroring work can be accelerated and will be more effective. I also offer various other divinations through accessing your Akashic records, utilizing Tarot cards and other modern divination tools.

Coaching & Mentoring

In my coaching and mentoring sessions, I hold a sacred space for you to express your truth and re-claim your power. Coaching begins with an assumption that clients are whole, wise, and highly knowledgeable about the nature of their own personal and professional development. Integrating my years of training and personal experience with 7 directions, medicine wheel, nature-based soul inquiries, mirroring, holding council, deep listening, and compassionate inquiry practices, I will guide you along your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I also offer teaching and mentoring for those who wish to dive deeper into finding your purpose and voice.

Reiki Healing & Teaching

I am blessed to have been trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, in the lineage of Usui Reiki system of natural healing. Reiki is a technique that reduces stress, quietens over-activated mind, and brings balance and harmony to physical, emotional, and energetic bodies to promote healing and well-being. When working with Reiki, we invoke “universal life force energy” that nourishes all living things. I will use hands-on techniques for in-person sessions, or distant-healing methods for online-sessions, to channel the divine light to promote your healing and empowerment. Reiki I attunement is accessible by everyone and supports self-healing. Reiki II attunement is suitable for those who are already attuned to Reiki I and wish to learn how to work with Reiki energy to help other beings.

Family Constellations

Belonging is so important to us. A lot of our wounds and gifts from form our family of origins and other constellations we belong to. Family constellations is energy work to reveal and heal the hidden dynamics and systemic disharmonies within our constellations. Once the large family constellations are brought into state of harmony and our relationships are healed, the love is restored, and we can feel at peace, empowered, and joyful in our belonging to ourselves. In family constellation work, I hold safe space and facilitate movement and healing, while you become a channel representative of everyone in your family constellation.

Quantum Field Healing

Quantum field healing is an energy healing modality that enables connection to one’s multidimensional self to clear energetic obstacles that may be keeping your full potential at bay, repair timelines, heal karmic and ancestral traumas, and restore your energy field with nourishing frequencies. I use a variety of methods including Light Language and other healing sound frequencies, color frequencies, Divine mother and Divine father harmonics, elementals, spirit guides, and benevolent cosmic allies as guided.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Meditation and Mindfulness sessions are for those who are not called energy healing but are interested in deeper self-understanding and practical spirituality. As a certified mindfulness teacher, executive coach, and a working professional, I can hold space for your own unique gateway to a wholesome living. Meditation and Mindfulness session will start with a humble inquiry into your needs, guided or silent meditation, practical tips and guidance for everyday mindfulness, and meditation practices and tools that I am equipped to offer. If you need a sacred mirror, compassionate ears, a loving companion, kick-start to or a fresh idea for your meditation practice, this session is for you.

Event & Retreat Facilitation

I offer group sound healing, meditation, and wellness workshops online and in-person venues by request. I teach weekly meditation classes at the Center for Living Mindfully and on Insight Timer and hold monthly group Cacao Ceremony and Sound Journeys online. I also design and hold customized events and ceremonies that best meets your needs, weaving a variety of modalities I am qualified to offer. Select recordings of previous events & workshops I facilitated can be found on my Events page.

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