Weave Your Wholeness

What is your story? What are your sacred wounds?
What are your gifts? Where are you on your path?
No matter what the answer is, I hear the calling of your Heart.
I see the beauty of your Soul. I feel the power of your Wholeness.
Connect with me now to discover how I can support you to Weave Your Wholeness.

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Influences of archetypal forces in our lives are well-observed and acknowledged. We all speak archetypal language when we use words such as “inner child”, “wise-self”, and “inner critic”. In archetypal casting, I use divination to identify main archetypes who were present in your life since your birth, and help you discover their dynamics, gifts, and […]

Essential oils are powerful essences of plants, with an ability to transmit healing energies of the plant allies. I make personalized blends of essential oils through connecting with the plant spirits that want you aid in your journey to wholeness. The blends include oils (5ml, 10ml, 15ml), rollers (10ml, fractioned coconut oil based), and hydrosol […]

I offer group sound healing and wellness workshops in various venues and by request. Select recordings of previous events & workshops I facilitated can be found on my Events page.

Belonging is so important to us. A lot of our wounds and gifts from form our family of origins and other constellations we belong to. Family constellations is energy work to reveal and heal the hidden dynamics and systemic disharmonies within our constellations. Once the large family constellations are brought into state of harmony and […]

I am a certified mindfulness meditation teacher and offer weekly meditation classes at the Center for Living Mindfully and on Insight Timer. In my meditation classes, I incorporate sound healing with alchemy crystal bowls and a variety of consecrated instruments, including medicine drums and rattles, bells, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks and more. I […]

Human Design is a complex but powerful system that combines ancient wisdoms of I-Ching, chakras, Tree of life, and Astrology and helped me enormously to understand myself fully and connect with my own wisdom within. The freedom that Human Design offers us is to learn our INNER sources for success and to follow what we […]

In my coaching sessions, I hold a sacred space for you to express your truth. Coaching begins with an assumption that clients are whole, wise, and highly knowledgeable about the nature of their own personal and professional development. Integrating my years of training and personal experience with 7 directions, medicine wheel, nature-based soul inquiries, mirroring, […]

I am blessed to have been trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, in the lineage of Usui Reiki system of natural healing. I will use hands-on techniques for in-person sessions, or distant-healing methods for online-sessions, to channel the divine light to promote your healing and power.

During a shamanic healing session, I journey using rattles or drums in a safely held container to connect us with spirit guides. Using shamanic methods, you will re-gain your personal power and re-discover your gifts; heal trauma from past life events; and connect with spiritual guidance of your own spirit allies and ancestors.

Sound healing is a beautiful and powerful way to honor your body and mind by receiving vibrational healing of sacred instruments and ancient chants. In a private session, you will receive powerful healing sound of alchemy crystal bowls and a variety of consecrated instruments, many of which are hand made by me with pure intentions.

Whether you are a lover of words or tongue-shy, there is a beauty inside you wanting to be expressed. Poetry is a way for me to capture the truth of my present moment and share with the world what I see and feel. I often use poetry in my mirroring work for clients and also […]